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Surgery Prices in Europe

The differences in prices

The cost of various medical surgeries differ throughout Europe. The price for exactly the same procedure may be from 2 to 3 times lower in the neighbouring country than at home or vice versa. Of course it depends on the procedure. For instance, the substantial savings most often come from such high-priced treatment as weight loss surgery (gastric bypass, gastric band and gastric sleeve), orthopaedic surgeries including hip or knee replacement also dental treatment and plastic surgeries.

Surgery price EuropeSurgery price Europe

The Institute for Medical Technology Assessment at Erasmus University Rotterdam conducted a study of dental filling prices in European countries that showed that dental care in Britain is the most expensive in the whole Europe. To quote Daily Mail, in the UK filling costs €156, Italy €135, Spain €125, Germany €67, France €46, Poland €18, Hungary €8. In Lithuania €17.

Reasons behind the variations in prices

There are several reasons why medical treatment costs less in some European countries whereas more in the others. Firstly, wages of surgeons and medical staff differ. The author of the dental filling prices research Siok Swan Tan says that that labour cost impacts the prices most, it " accounted for 70 per cent of total costs in England” (reports Dailymail). For example, a dental surgeon in Hungary earns 7p per minutre whereas in England he earns £2.16.

Secondly, the cost for the maintenance of the facilities, the clinic, operational rooms, etc. vary significantly throughout the countries. Finally, some medical taxes abroad burden enormously a patient whereas in other countries they are lifted.

  • Labour cost
  • It is cheaper to maintain the facilities
  • Different taxes

Surgery price Europe Surgery price Europe

If you look closer at where each European country is economically, you will see that the fluctuations in pricing are natural and constant.

Medical Quality

Often we tend to think that what comes cheaper is definitely worse in quality because of the reasoning that such attractive price comes at the expense of the quality. Well, maybe in some business sectors it might be true, however, it is not applicable in medical  field. Lower prices in the neighbouring countries do not mean that surgeons are less experienced or they do their job poorly. The majority of them have internationally recognised qualifications and years of experience.

gastric bypass clinic LithuaniaSurgery price Europe

Most of European clinics are well-equipped. They use up-to-date technologies and have greatly experienced staff. At the end of the day we stumble upon the economical issues and the development of each country, not the quality of treatment.

Since each European country has a number of top well-qualified surgeons renowned abroad and at home  who  set the quality of treatment at the same level, the question of pricing becomes the driving force. The difference in cost is so great that it manages to cover travel expenses, including accommodation, flights, etc. As a result,  a tendency of people going for healthcare treatment abroad has been steadily growing. Medical tourism is increasing since patients realise that they can get necessary procedure abroad which they simply could not afford at home. Fast diminishing mental borders between the countries give the possibility to restore health despite the financial matters.