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About Croatia

Croatia is the unitary democratic parliamentary republic in Europe with the capital in Zagreb. The country is at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. It has borders with Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. The history of Croatia began in early the 7th century. Today it has a membership of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, NATO, the World Trade Organization, CEFTA and is relatively fast developing country.

Now Croatia is one of the most visited spots by the Adriatic Sea. It has a long coast which contains more than a thousand islands. Actually the vast majority of tourists visit country to experience its extensive coastline and well-preserved Renaissance towns.

Besides, even smallest cities in Croatia offer something interesting to do and to see. For example Alstadt is a historic town, revealing architectural beauty, while in Dubrovnik you can enjoy a magnificent view of the ocean (this city is said to be the pearl of the Adriatic Sea); in Split and Pula you can enjoy the beauty of ancient Roman architecture.

Beaches, waterfalls, and national parks are the most visited natural tourist attractions in Croatia. Here you can enjoy different sports like diving, rock climbing or kayaking.

In Croatia presents interesting cultural variety because it had been a crossroad of influences of the Western culture and the East for centuries. It was influenced by the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, also Central Europe and the Mediterranean cultures.

Now Croatia is proud of its cuisine, wines and sport achievements, also for its cultural, artistic and scientific contributions to the world.

Brief info:

Population: 4.48 million
Capital city: Zagreb (0,79 mn population)
Largest cities: Split (0,17 mn), Rijeka (0,12 mn), Osijek (0,1 mn)
Resorts: Zaton (seaside town), Nin, Zadar (on the Adriatic sea coast)
Airports: Zagreb (ZAG), Split (SPU), Dubrovnik (DBV)
Member of: United Nations, the Council of Europe, NATO, the World Trade Organization, CEFTA, the Union for the Mediterranean.
Ethnic: 89,6% Croat
Religion: 87.8% Roman Catholic
Calling code: +385
Currency: Croatia Kuna (HRK)
Sightseeing: Diocletian´s Palace in Split, Island of Korcula, The amphitheater in Pula, The Plitvice Lakes National Park, The Cathedral of St. James, Trogir old town, Trakošćan castle, The Walls of Dubrovnik.

Medical tourism

Croatia is noted for high standard healthcare system and reasonable price. Mostly Belgium is chosen for plastic and weight loss surgeries, cardiovascular surgery and dental treatment.

Surgery prices:
Prices, EUR
Plastic surgeries        
Breast enlargement   -   -
Breast lift   -   -
Liposuction (per area)   -   -
Tummy tuck   -   -
Rhinoplasty   -   -
Otoplasty (both ears)   -   -
Face lift   -   -
Eyelid surgery   -   -
Weight loss surgeries        
Gastric bypass   -   -
Gastric banding   -   -
Gastric sleeve   -   -
Gastric balloon   -   -
Orthopaedic surgeries   -   -
Knee arthroscopy   -   -
Knee replacement (with implant and rehabilitation)   -   -
Total hip replacement (with implant and rehabilitation)   -   -
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction   -   -
Atricular cartilage repair   -   -
Meniscus repair   -   -
Rotator cuff repair   -   -
Achilles tendon repair   -   -
Hallux valgus (bunion)   -   -
Carpal tunnel surgery   -   -
Dental surgeries        
Dental implants (Straumann, with abutment and crown)   -   -

Croatia surgery prices listed above are estimated averages based on our research, therefore minor variations are possible.

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