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About Zagreb:

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia. The city is situated in the northwest of the country. Zagreb lies on the bangs of the Sava River, also it is connected with the southern slope of the Medvednica mountain.

Zagreb has great local and international importance. The city is one of the main traffic hubs between Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea. Besides almost all Government headquarters and many international companies have their main offices in this city. Zagreb also has leading position in the science, higher education, art and culture in Croatia.

Zagreb region is notable for dozens of small traditional villages which are still alive on the slopes of Medvednica, Šestine, Gračani and Remete Mountains. They maintain old traditions and folk costumes, like Šestine umbrellas and gingerbread products.

One of the best ways to see the entire city at one glance is to get on the highest peak of the Medvednica Mountain called Sljeme. In winter this hill becomes the skier’s paradise. It is small but cozy place and all facilities are approachable. All year round travel agencies organize guided excursions to the surroundings and Zagreb city itself.

Zagreb hosts many world-renowned music superstars’ concerts and some international festivals which attract many people. Cultural life of the city is quite alive - numerous museums point out not only Croatia‘s history, art and culture but also reflect the entire life of Europe. The city has about thirty museums, art galleries and private collections, so visitors have large choice of places to visit.

Brief info:

Population: 0.68 million
Activities: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Bistro Hugo, Croatian National Theatre, Maksimir Zoo, Barhop along Tkalčiceva.
Sightseeings: Medvednica mountain, Upper Town, Jarun Lake, Cathedral of the Assumption, Zagreb Botanival Garden, Cibona Tower.

Medical tourism:

Zagreb is often considered for having a plastic surgery or SPA treatment as its mineral resources are astonishing and have positive effect on the overall wellbeing.


Surgery prices:
Prices, EUR
Plastic surgeries        
Breast enlargement   -   -
Breast lift   -   -
Liposuction (per area)   -   -
Tummy tuck   -   -
Rhinoplasty   -   -
Otoplasty (both ears)   -   -
Face lift   -   -
Eyelid surgery   -   -
Weight loss surgeries        
Gastric bypass   -   -
Gastric banding   -   -
Gastric sleeve   -   -
Gastric balloon   -   -
Orthopaedic surgeries        
Knee arthroscopy   -   -
Knee replacement (with implant and rehabilitation)   -   -
Total hip replacement (with implant and rehabilitation)   -   -
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction   -   -
Atricular cartilage repair   -   -
Meniscus repair   -   -
Rotator cuff repair   -   -
Achilles tendon repair   -   -
Hallux valgus (bunion)   -   -
Carpal tunnel surgery   -   -
Dental surgeries        
Dental implants (Straumann, with abutment and crown)   -   -

The prices listed above are estimated averages based on our research, therefore minor variations are possible.

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