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Surgery Price in Vilnius


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About city:

Vilnius is the capital and biggest city of Lithuania. Most of Lithuanian economy, cultural life and activties are also concentrated here. Vilnius has unique old-town which is also in UNESCO World Heritage Lists. Vilnius is also famous for it's 65 churches all from different historical periods, religions and architecture styles: Baroque, Ghotic, Rennaisance, Neoclassical and other. Vilnius from old times was home for mixture of people of different nationalities, religions and views, thus it is most cosmopolitic and tolerant compared to rest of Lithuania. For visitors from foreign big cities it is always a surprise how green Vilnius is - there are a lot of green spaces and trees everywhere in the city - giving a lot of colour to the city. Very often there are fairs in the main street - Gediminas street - where various craftman present there works for tourists and local people. You should check big cultural, music, sports and other events before coming here.

Brief info:

Population: 0,5 million
Airports: Vilnius (VNO)
Calling code: +370
Currency: Lithuanian litas (LTL)
Activities: "Rene" restaurant (Belgium cuisine), "Meat lovers pub", "Tamsta" live music club, Segway rides, Air-balloon tour over city, old-town walking
Sightseeing: Old-town, Gediminas castle, Genocide museum, St. Annes church, park of Europe

Medical tourism:

Vilnius is popular destination for plastic surgeries, dental treatment, SPA treatment surgeries. There are 3-4 main private clinics and the rest ones are small niche ones or bigger public hospitals


Surgery prices:
Prices, EUR
Plastic surgeries        
Breast enlargement   2.700   2.900
Breast lift   2.000   2.400
Liposuction   1.400   1.900
Tummy tuck   2.000   2.400
Rhinoplasty   1.800   2.100
Otoplasty (both ears)   700   900
Face lift   2.600   2.900
Eyelid surgery   1.400   1.800
Weight loss surgeries        
Gastric bypass   6.500   6.800
Gastric banding   5.300   5.900
Gastric sleeve   6.300   6.500
Gastric balloon   -   -
Orthopaedic surgeries        
Knee arthroscopy   1.500   1.700
Knee replacement (with implant and rehabilitation)   5.900   6.200
Total hip replacement (with implant and rehabilitation)   3.800   7.900
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction   3.000   3.200
Atricular cartilage repair   3.500   3.800
Meniscus repair   3.000   3.300
Rotator cuff repair   2.500   2.800
Achilles tendon repair   2.500   2.700
Hallux valgus (bunion)   1.500   1.900
Carpal tunnel surgery   1.000   1.200
Dental surgeries        
Dental implants (Straumann, with abutment and crown)   880   -

The prices listed above are estimated averages based on our research, therefore minor variations are possible.

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