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About Wroclaw:

Wroclaw is the largest city in Western Poland and fourth largest city in the entire country. Besides it is historical capital of Silesia region. The city is situated on the bangs of Oder River.

Wroclaw had difficult history, during the centuries city was part of many different countries and had to obey to numerous foreigner authorities. Life was not easy in some periods, but mixture of many different cultures made today’s cities life attractive for tourists. Wroclaw cultural life is very active, therefore it is thought to be Poland's brightest spots of culture, and almost every person you meet is an artist or at least culture lover.

Wroclaw often becomes international hot spot, since many European and international sport associations, like UEFA, FIVB or FIBA are happy to organize important games in this city. As the large-scale events often take place, the infrastructure is well-developed and the city has many places to stay.

The panorama of Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful in Poland. Since the main religion is Roman Catholicism panorama is richly decorated with Gothic and Baroque churches. Besides the city has many parks and green places, which enrich the view so you can enjoy the purity of nature in the centre on the city.

Wroclaw can offer many ways to spend your time, you can choose from wide range of theatres, galleries, cinemas and museums, some of the greatest countries festivals are host in Wroclaw too. It is advisable to participate in such well known events as Wratislavia Cantans or the Jazz on the Oder Festival.

Brief info:

Population: 0.63 million
Activities: Aquapark Wroclaw, National Museum, Wroclaw Cruises, Karczma Lwowska Restaurant, The Opera House.
Sightseeings: The Market Square (Rynek), Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Japanese Garden, Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain at Pergola, Wroclaw Palace.

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