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testimonial for surgery abroadI remember the morning when suddenly I heard strange popping sound in my knee while jogging and felt the pain. In the hospital I was told I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament.  I started looking for ACL reconstruction abroad and came across Surgery Price. With Surgery Price I saved my time, a great deal of money and restored my health. Matt, Ireland

testimonial for surgery abroadI was living with torn ACL for over a year.It started causing pain so i started my research for the best clinic. I looked through different options in several countries, then turned to SurgeryPrice. They recommended a clinic with years of experience with foreign patients. I got fully arranged surgery less than in a month. My surgery was fast and painless, and now I feel better every day. Thanks SurgeryPrice for the recommendation.. Alex, Norway

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Anterior cruciateligament reconstruction cost   Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is a highly effective and safe surgery. Since it is minimally invasive, the recovery is rapid. During ACL surgery the damaged ligament is substituted with either tissue that comes from the body of a patient or from a donor. Read more


Articular cartilage repair   Knee articular cartilage repair. When articular cartilage of the knee is heavily impaired a person suffers from severe pain, joint swelling and limited motion rage in the knee joint. During the knee articular cartilage repair damaged tissue is regrown with stem cells.
Meniscus repair surgery cost   Torn meniscus repair is done arthroscopically. Through small incisions a surgeon inserts arthroscope and surgical instruments and stitches meniscus. The surgery shows high rates of success and patient's satisfaction and low possibility of complications.
Rotator cuff surgery price   Rotator cuff tear repair surgery in the majority of cases is performed with an arthroscope which means that incisions are small and the surgery is minimally invasive. The procedure depends on how badly rotator cuff is torn. Partly damaged tendon is attached to humerus, whereas if it is completely ripped then these parts are sutured back together.
Achilles tendon rupture surgery cost   Achilles tendon rupture repair surgery. When non-surgical methods fail to treat tdahe maged Achilles tendon which limits the ability to walk and causes pain, a surgery is recommended during which a surgeon makes small cuts, inserts an arthroscope, surgical instruments and stitches Achilles tendon back.

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