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Foot / Ankle Surgery Prices


Bunion surgery cost   Hallux valgus (Bunion) surgery. Bunion is a condition in which the big toe moves out of its place and creates a bump. The surgeon evaluates the severity of the bunion and if other treatment methods do not help, a surgery is recommended during which either the loose tissue is cut or the impaired joints are removed or realigned.


Achilles tendon rupture   Achilles tendon rupture repair surgery. When non-surgical methods fail to treat the damaged Achilles tendon which limits the ability to walk and causes pain, a surgery is recommended during which a surgeon makes small cuts, inserts an arthroscope, surgical instruments and stitches the Achilles tendon back.
ankle replacement cost   Total ankle replacement surgery. In total ankle replacement a surgeon removes the impaired ankle joint tissue and inserts an artificial implant that restores a wide range of ankle motion and does not allow the ankle to be stiff.
ankle fusion cost   Ankle fusion. As ankle joint wears off and starts causing pain, ankle fusion is a traditional surgical option to treat the damaged tissue. In ankle fusion a surgeon removes the impaired articular cartilage of the ankle and tibia is left to grow together with the talus bone.

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