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Total Hip Replacement Prices

Hip replacement price  
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About hip replacement

Total Hip replacement also referred to as total hip arthroplasty/ hip resurfacing is a very common surgery that helps to reduce pain and also the rigidity in the hip joint.

During the hip replacement surgical treatment, affected parts of the hip are replaced with smooth, long lasting artificial surfaces allowing the joint to work properly.

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*To assist in preventing contamination of the hip joint, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics possibly prior to the surgery. He will keep the operation as short as possible to further reduce the chance of infection

  • Who qualifies for hip replacement?
    • Patients from the age of 55* years
    • Sufficient medical condition
    • Good psychological state

      * The majority of total hip replacement individuals are over the age of 55. For younger patients, partial hip resurfacing is often a viable option for treating persistent hip pain.

  • Benefits:
    • Reduce hip pain*
    • Restore lost mobility*
    • Improve your overall quality of life

      *Most individuals who have a hip replacement surgical treatment feel a remarkable decrease of hip pain along with a significant improvement in movements letting them perform typical routines of daily living more effectively.

  • Risks:
    • Blood clots
    • Embolisms
    • Cardiac arrhythmia
    • Infections*
    • Bleeding
    • Blood vessel injury
    • Anesthesia-related problems
    • Post-operative complications may include: Leg length differences, infection, hip pain, thigh pain, stiffness of the hip joint, dislocation of the prosthesis and loosening of the prosthesis
  • Statistics:
    • 120.000 annual hip replacement operations in the USA
    • 4  years after total hip arthroplasty, the proportion of fulfilled expectations was 87 percent, with 43 percent of patients reporting that all of their expectations were completely fulfilled and an additional 44 percent reporting that all of their expectations had been somewhat fulfilled according to a study published in the Sept. 1 issue of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.
  • Surgery time:
    • from 1 - 3 hours
  • Recovery after hip replacement:
    • Patients should be prepared to spend around 3-5 days in the medical center. During that time, they are going to be visited by physical therapists that will educate them on physical exercises. During your recovery, your doctor will probably advise that you use a walker to help you get around.
    • Rehabilitation may take many weeks or even months, depending on your overall health prior to the surgery, how quickly the bone tissues of your hip joint cure and also how well you abide the rehabilitation program. Be careful using your new hip and avoid extremely challenging or even forbidden exercises. And be patient - your healing period will require a little extra time and effort.
  • Treatment for:
    • Osteoarthritis damaged hip joint
    • Avascular necrosis- a condition in which the bone of the ball portion of the hip joint dies
    • A severe hip fracture or dislocation (often caused by a fall)
  • Alternatives: Hip replacement surgical treatment really should only be considered after trying additional options that do not involve surgery. These include:pain relieving medications, physiotherapy, weight loss, walking aids such as walking sticks.

Hip replacement price
Country   City   Price from
Lithuania   Vilnius, Kaunas   3.800 € +
Latvia   Riga, Sigulda   -
Belgium   Brussels   -
Czech   Prague   7.100 €
Denmark   Copenhagen   -
Estonia   Tallinn   5.200 €
Finland   Helsinki   -
France   Paris   11.000 €
Germany   Berlin   10.500 €
Hungary   Budapest   -
Ireland   Cork, Derry, Dublin, Limerick   15.700 €
Norway   Oslo   10.000 €
Poland   Warsaw   4.500 €
Romania   Bucharest   -
Slovakia   Bratislava   -
Slovenia   Ljubljana   -
Sweden   Stockholm   -
UK   Birmingham, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield   11.800 €

Hip replacement prices listed above are estimated averages based on our research, therefore minor variations are possible.

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Nordorthopaedics - orthopaedic clinic in Lithuania, Kaunas

The clinic is located in the second largest city of Lithuania - Kaunas. It is 2-3 hours away by plane from most of the Western Europe airports. Modern facilities, proffesional staff as well as European-level surgeon are the main reasons to choose the clinic for the surgery. Due to economic reasons the local prices are at least twice as lower than in the UK and Scandinavia, making the clinic even more attractive. Get the best hip replacement price. Read more about orthopaedics clinic in Kaunas Lithuania