Infographic Plastic Surgery: What Can You Get For 7.000 eur?

Infographic What Can You Get For 7.000 eur?

Imagine you have 7.000 eur budget and you are ready for a plastic surgery to  achieve the look you have long desired. Naturally, you want to get the best treatment and make the most of the money, then take a look at the research team has carried out and you will know where and what can you get for 7.000 eur.

The research is based on a scale of 7 plastic surgeries that you can get for 7.000 eur. These are breast enlargement, abdominal liposuction, tummy tuck, thigh liposuction, breast lift, vein varicose and arm lift. These 7 procedures equal to 100%, the percentage declines respectively to the decreasing number of surgeries available for 7.000 eur.

Research is based on average prices, 3-5 clinics were surveyed in each country. Surgery prices may vary not only in the same country but also in the same clinic depending on the surgery volume (e.g. the amount of fat removed).

The results of the research show that only in Lihtuania you can get all 7 procedures done for this amount of money. Also Hungary seems attractive destination since you can get 71 % of the surgeries. Meanwhile, Denmark, France and Germany line up with 43 % , whereas in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden you would cover the bill only for 29 % of the surgeries.