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Knee Arthroscopy Prices

Knee arthroscopy price  
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About knee arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure during which an arthroscope is used to evaluate and then reconstruct anterior cruciate tendon while taking care of cartilage microfracturing.

Knee arthroscopy is performed simply by creating tiny cuts on your knee and looking inside using a small camera. This kind of snapshot provides the operating doctor with a precise viewpoint of the structure inside the joint. The doctor may then work with various other microscopic instruments to perform surgical treatment. 

Nordorthopaedics clinic

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  • Who qualifies for knee arthroscopy?
    • Patients from 2 years*
    • Both males and females
    • Sufficient medical condition
    • Good psychological state
    • Patients with knee pain or limited knee function
    • Patients who suffer from the pain of a knee injuries or perhaps degeneration and have not noticed any relief by no surgical treatment options.

      * children with history of severe trauma

  • Benefits:
    • Relieve pain
    • Improve joint stability
    • Repair tears and damage
    • Maximize quality of life
    • Optimize activities of daily living
    • Less invasive
    • Rapid recovery time
    • Less trauma done to the joint and its connective tissues
    • Less scarring
  • Risks:
    • Infection of the surgical wounds
    • Blood clots in your legs
    • Accumulation of blood in the knee (hemarthrosis)
    • Damage to other parts of your knee
    • Instrument breakage
    • Anesthesia-related problems
    • Weakened joint and resulting arthritis
    • Knee stiffness
    • Pain - this can be mostly short-term and additionally treated with prescription medication
    • Numbness - several patients experience numbness and sensation loss, which normally disappears within 2-3 weeks
    • Limited mobility
  • Statistics:
    • Over 600.000 arthroscopic surgeries are performed annually worldwide; 85% of them are knee surgeries
    • Average procedure time: 26 minutes (range: 7 to 55)
    • 99 % said they experienced little or no discomfort during the procedure
    • 98 % said they were comfortable during post-discharge
    • 97 % began walking (with or without crutches)
    • 98 % would recommend the procedure to a friend or relative
    • A few years after arthroscopy, 64 % of these patients felt better
    • Only 2 % thought they were worse
    • 68%  of patients had less pain, swelling, and knee locking and giving way than they had at the time of the procedure.
  • Surgery time:
    • The majority of arthroscopic knee surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. The treatment typically takes half an hour to over an hour. How long it will take varies according to the findings and also what surgical treatment is needed
  • Treatment for:
    • Removal or repair of torn meniscal cartilage
    • Reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament
    • Trimming of torn pieces of articular cartilage
    • Removal of loose fragments of bone or cartilage
    • Removal of inflamed synovial tissue
  • Recovery after knee arthroscopy:
    • Recovery from uncomplicated procedures is usually fast. You may have to use crutches for a while so that you would not place bodyweight on your knee and also to manage pain. Recovery time will be based upon type of surgical treatment you had. For instance, a torn meniscus, damaged cartilage, Baker's cyst, and disorders of the synovium are often repaired without any difficulties. A lot of patients stay active after these types of surgical treatments.
    • However, it may require more time to recover from more complicated procedures. Whenever something inside your knee is repaired or even rebuilt, you possibly will not be able to walk without having crutches or a knee support for several weeks. Complete recovery might take from several months to a year.
  • Alternatives: cortisone injections, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Prices for knee arthroscopy
Country   City   Price from
Lithuania   Vilnius, Kaunas - watch VIDEO   1.500 €
Latvia   Riga, Sigulda   2.200 €
Belgium   Brussels   -
Czech   Prague   1.200 €
Denmark   Copenhagen   -
Estonia   Tallinn   -
Finland   Helsinki   -
France   Paris   3.600 €
Germany   Berlin   1.300 €
Hungary   Budapest   -
Ireland   Cork, Derry, Dublin, Limerick   -
Norway   Oslo   -
Poland   Warsaw   1.200 €
Romania   Bucharest   -
Slovakia   Bratislava   -
Slovenia   Ljubljana   1.200 €
Sweden   Stockholm   -
UK   Birmingham, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield   6.400 €

Knee arthroscopy prices listed above are estimated averages based on our research, therefore minor variations are possible.

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Video about knee arthroscopy

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