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Knee Surgery Prices

Total knee replacement cost   Total knee replacement is a highly efficient surgery that improves the comfort and quality of life by reducing severe knee pain and increasing the range of movement in the knee joint. In total knee replacement procedure a surgeon inserts an artificial knee prosthesis and removes the damaged one. Learn more about knee surgery price
Anterior cruciateligament reconstruction cost   Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery is highly effective and safe. Since it is minimally invasive, the recovery is rapid. In ACL surgery the damaged ligament is substituted with either tissue that comes from the body of a patient or from a donor. Learn more about knee surgery price


Articular cartilage repair   Knee articular cartilage repair. When articular cartilage of the knee is heavily impaired, a person suffers from severe pain, joint swelling and limited motion rage in the knee joint. During knee articular cartilage repair the damaged tissue is regrown with stem cells. Learn more about knee surgery price
Meniscus repair surgery cost   Torn meniscus repair is performed arthroscopically. Through small incisions a surgeon inserts an arthroscope and surgical instruments and stitches meniscus. The surgery shows high rates of success and patients' satisfaction and low possibility of complications. Learn more about knee surgery price

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