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About shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement is a surgical option for joint preservation. During the procedure parts of the joint affected by a pathological process are removed and replaced by artificial ones. The replacement can range in volume from total replacement of joint surface to lesser changes.

  • Total shoulder replacement – full joint surface replacement is performed
  • Stemmed hemiarthroplasty – the head of the humerus is replaced
  • Resurfacing hemiarthroplasty – the surface of the humerus head is replaced
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement – the artificial head of the joint is placed into the shoulder blade instead of humerus and the artificial socket is placed into the upper part of the humerus.
Nordorthopaedics clinic

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  • Who qualifies for shoulder replacement?
    • A person who suffers from chronic shoulder pain which interfers with daily activities
    • Loss of shoulder function
    • Radiological changes of joint surfaces
    • Medications or other conservative therapy is effortless
    • A person has osteoarthritis – an age related disease of joints, or traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rotator cuff tear, avascular necrosis, severe bone fractures.
  • Benefits:
    • Relieved pain
    • Restored function of shoulder
    • The ability to resume leisure time activities and sports
  • Risks:
    • Blood clots
    • Infection of implant
    • Nerve injury
    • Partly restored function
    • Problems with wound healing
    • Dislocation of joint compositions
    • Joint instability
    • Intraoperative or postoperative bone fractures
    • Complications associated with general anaesthesia - may include heart arrest and problems with breathing.
  • Statistics:
    • Sperling M.D. and colleagues performed a study exploring the function of shoulder after a hemiarthroplasty and a total shoulder replacement. The surgery was performed on males and females younger than 50 years old. The results showed that 15 years after a hemiarthroplasty 82 % prostheses were still functioning and after 20 years – 75 %. Respectively after total shoulder replacement it was 97% and 84 %.
    • The improvement of function is visible even 2 years after the shoulder replacement. It just emphasizes the effect of postoperative exercising and strengthening of muscles.
    • The factors leading to a successful operation include older age, precise preparation for the procedure and following instructions after it, experienced surgeon.
  • Surgery time:
    • The duration of shoulder replacement depends on the chosen type of the procedure. Approximately it lasts 2 hours.
  • Recovery after hip replacement:
    • Symptoms such as pain, swelling and bruising in surgical area usually are present after the shoulder replacement. Although, they are not intensive and do not require special attention, it is better to take painkillers.
    • You will have to wear a sling for 2-4 weeks. It will help to avoid active contraction of muscles which will lead to proper healing. However, it is recommended to start gentle physical activity as soon as possible.
    • First days after a surgery a physician will begin passive exercising of your shoulder. It means that a physician moves your arm instead of you. Later he/she will provide some information about home exercises which will strengthen the shoulder muscles as well as increase the range of motion. Overall recovery period takes about 3 months. By this time you will be allowed to move your shoulder actively and perform more movements. In order to prevent disturbances of shoulder flexibility, endurance and strength in the future, staying active is advised.

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Nordorthopaedics - orthopaedic clinic in Lithuania, Kaunas

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