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Shoulder Surgery Prices


rotator cuff surgery cost   Rotator cuff tear repair surgery is most often done with the use of an arthroscope which means that incisions are small and the surgery is minimally invasive. The procedure depends on how badly the rotator cuff is torn. The partly damaged tendon is attached to humerus, whereas if it is completely ripped, then these parts are sutured back together. Learn more about shoulder surgery price
Bankart surgery cost   Bankart procedure. Bankart procedure is performed arhroscopically. A surgeon uses an arthroscope and surgical instruments to remove the torn edges and reattach the labrum (a tissue linked to the socket) to the glenoid (a part of the shoulder blade). Learn more about shoulder surgery price
Mumford procedure cost   Mumford procedure. Mumford procedure is minimally invasive since a surgeon uses an arthroscope. During the surgery a part of the bone that connects the arm to the body, called clavicle is removed. Learn more about shoulder surgery price