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testimonial for surgery abroadI had gastric bypass in April 2013. I will just say that I now weigh 70 kg, which is normal weight :D super happy - all thanks to Surgery Price! The help I received has changed my life for the better. Pauline, gastric bypass, Sweden

testimonial for surgery abroadI've been looking for a good weight loss clinic when I found surgeryprice. I went to the recommended clinic to have gastric sleeve...After I got home, weight has gone steadily downhill, and health has become better and better. I only regret I have not done this earlier. Nothing to be nervous about or be afraid of. I recommend Surgery price. They offered a fantastic clinic abroad, only much cheaper and better service. Jane, gastric sleeve, UK

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Gastric bypass price   Gastric Bypass In gastric bypass surgery a surgeon reduces the size of the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract. Afterwards he shapes a small pouch which is created out of the upper part of the stomach. Read more
Gastric banding price   Gastric Banding During gastric banding a surgeon inserts a band and adjusts it around the upper stomach. This forms a pouch that limits the amount of food that can be processed. Read more


Gastric sleeve price   Gastric Sleeve During gastric sleeve surgery a surgeon removes the major part of the stomach forming a shape of a narrow tube that resembles a sleeve. Read more

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